Thursday, September 10, 2009

My first try at digital scrapbooking!

I recently saw a demonstration on Smile Box for making digital scrapbooks and thought it looked so easy. And Lo and Behold, what do I find in my email box but a sample of Smile Box. I took a stab at it and I have to say it was every bit as easy as it looked. I haven't really had any time to scrapbook lately. In fact, I have a brand new Cricut sitting here that I haven't even opened yet. I have been spending too much time on my new addiction... crocheting for charity. I have even been selling a lot of my scrapbooking stuff on eBay to buy yarn instead of SB supplies. So JoAnn's is still getting my money, just in a different department. lol

Okay, so here is my digital scrapbook....

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