Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thursday May 13th... my sister's birthday

Happy Birthday to Sue!!! I can't say how old she is, but she has broke the half century mark! She is starting to fall apart now. She had some knee surgery a few weeks ago. I've told her, it just gets worse and worse. I have no idea how my grandma Cross made it to 96. It scares me just to think of living another 36 years. What must that be like?

I am not so good at keeping up this blog thing. I barely have time to get anything done. Where does the time go? Well, most days it is hard to even get out of bed. With the fibro plus the sleep apnea I can sleep 12 to 16 hours easy. I have little strength to do much when I do get up. DR Patel gave me a prescription for some pills to help me, but United Healthcare will not pay for them! They suck! I hope we go back to Medical Mutual next year. I have to say sometimes my life just kinda sucks. Sorry, just having a moment!

ok, I will be better next time!