Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Just made a few more cards for a card swap and thought I would post them. I am off to a great retreat this weekend and I can hardly wait. I have some projects to make for an upcoming Christmas bazaar and will also take along a couple of crochet projects for when I am bored with crafting. I am also taking along my computer and a couple movies to watch while I'm working. And Howie has our CD's loaded on here too, so I'm all set to entertain myself when I am not socializing. I will also remember to take my heating pad this time! The chairs just weren't as comfy as my recliner and my back really got to hurting last time. Every thing but my clothes are packed. And I think I will pack up the car tomorrow if it's not raining. Loading and unloading the car in the same day just kills me. Thank God for modern drugs and pain killers, and curse the devil for fibromyalgia!

Okay, enough whing, here are my cards. Well, I thought I was going to post my cards, but apparently I am brain dead and can not get them to load onto here. I must need more coffee or diet Dew! lol