Monday, March 29, 2010

Retreating Weekend

Rita's Retreat was this past weekend, at King's Domain, outside Lebanon. It is a great place and as usual was lots of fun. I just wish they had WI-FI. If they did I could have just taken my computer and been a happy camper. But they don't, so I had to figure out what to take. It doesn't really matter as I never end up doing much. This time I took my charity crocheting projects, and some things to scrap. Well, I finished a baby afghan, and did all the make 'n takes (7 of them). I listened to some music on my computer and played solitare on my computer and read a bunch of scrapbook magazines. And that was it. As usual, I ate way more than I needed, but they feed us 3 meals! And then snacks... I did drink plenty of water though, so I didn't come home dehydrated like I usually do.

I sat at the grown-ups table with Rita and the girls and I have to admit I missed sitting with the younger girls. I like listening to the stories about their kids and work and whatever, and the music. I guess that is the price for getting old! I did have good music to listen to tho, I brought a couple of Nickleback DVD's and then Howie has all our New Rock favorites on the computer. I just had to wear headphones and that was rather inconvenient. I need a set of headless earphones for next time.

Got some great ideas from the make and takes for Easter. Several types of candy holders for the kids. I need to get those made this week so I can take them to mom's with me Friday. I bought the candy for them at the store yesterday, so all I need to do is make them. I have every thing I need in my supplies already.

I am doing laundry so I need to go get Howie's work shirts out of the dryer. He can't go to work topless!! LOL

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