Sunday, June 20, 2010

Not enough time...

There smply is not enough time to write on my blog. I don't understand it though because I have nothing but time. I took pictures and planned to write about many things. There has been Shelby's 4th birthday party, visiting the farmers market, Goodwill purchases, Coles graduation and party, Mother's Day, sending off baby afghans to my charities, taking mom to her treatments, spring plantings, buying a new freezer, working on my food stockpile, job hunting, health problems, working on a few plans to bring in money (farmers market and flea market), just lots of things. Wow, I am exhausted just writing about it.

But, here are some of the pictures of some of those events....

Two of my Charity Baby Afghans 

Shelbys birhday party (lt to rt) Emily, Madison, Landon, Levi, and the birthday girl in front!

Our Little Sweeper Boy Landon! He loves the broom and the vacumn sweeper

The farmers market behind Friendly's Ice  Cream in Troy.
The "Cookie Lady" has the best baked goods!!! Her sugar cream pie is to die for!!!

Mother's Day flowers!

Howie and John picking up my freezer at HH Gregg

My FAVORITE Gandson Cole and his girlfriend Peanut at Cole's graduation party

Amy, Cole and me at Cole's party, at Don's trailer at Hegeman's. I love this top but I look 10 months pregnant! Holy Smoly!!! And that gray hair! Yikes!

My FAVORITE Grandaughter Cortney!! Love you girl!!

At least I feel like I have done something with my blog now. I will write some things about hoarding later this week... I think I have a problem!

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