Saturday, November 15, 2014

Progress on Howie's Leg

Dear Lord, after three and a half years, 15 surgeries, and trying numerous treatments, I think Howie's leg is almost healed!!!!

Back in March (2014) he had a surgery (his 14th) and they tried a new cell growth treatment, A-cell. He had some deep tunneling in his wound that simply would not heal. We were ready to find something new that would work. First they put a porcine sheet in the tunnel and they loaded it up with the A-cell powder. The tunneling was about 7 inches deep and the A-cell managed to grow new cells in about half of the tunneling. But after a few months it just wasn't working anymore.

Flash forward to Oct 2014, we all decided he needs another surgery, the tunneling is just not gonna close. So they went in, cut him back open, debrided it, then put down another porcine sheet, sewed the sheet to his leg and then covered it with the A-cell powder. They put in a drain and then stitched his leg closed. Here are some pics, one wth the drain in and one with the drain out.

I am amazed at how good it looks! Next Monday they will take out half of the stitches and

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